CDS can provide a complete design, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance of a suitable fire detection solution for your premises.

  • Smoke Detection
  • Heat Detection
  • Aspirating Systems
  • Linear Heat Detection
  • Flame Detection
  • Voice Evacuation Systems and Public Address
  • Radio Systems
  • Networked Systems
  • Remote Monitored Systems
  • CDS Fire & Security is now BAFE Registered

CDS  provide fire detection systems for the smallest business to the largest shopping centre with complex smoke control and phased evacuation of public and staff.


Here at CDS, we lead the way in the design, development and application of CCTV, with cameras fulfilling functions from retail security to securing commercial sites.

  • Record any person entering your premises
  • Recording production lines in factories
  • Visual verification of visitors (commercial or domestic)
  • Remotely monitor a commercial site off site 24 hours a day
  • Monitor and protect stock levels
  • View live pictures from home or anywhere in the world.

CDS  specialises in remotely monitored CCTV systems. These system come into their own on large and exposed sites out of hours, for example a commercial unit on a business park, where attacks by hardened criminals and petty vandals can pose real problems. In operation, cameras and detectors placed strategically around an area are linked to a RVRC (Remote Video Response Centre) ten or even hundreds of miles away.


The value of having an intruder alarm speaks for itself. The Police say that most burglary is opportunistic in nature, committed against the weakest available target.

Most insurance companies allow discounted premiums for security precautions such as having a professionally installed alarm, which clearly illustrates the fact that experts in crime trends know that alarms do indeed reduce the risk.

  • Redcare GSM monitored system – this system is linked via a communications line to a private monitoring station, where 24 hour operators can notify the local Police and key holders in the event of an intrusion even if someone cuts the telephone line.
  • Digital communicated monitored system – this is the same as above but without the facility to monitor for line cuts.
  • Speech diallers – this device allows a bells only system to ring up to 5 numbers and leave a pre recorded message of your choice.
  • Bells only for domestic use only – this is designed to activate a bell or, more usually these days a siren in case of intrusion, but there is no direct link to the Police.


Access control gives you control over who has access to your building. There are different types of units that do this.

  • Controlling access and movement in offices and factories
  • Screening access to high value retail outlets
  • Securing residential apartments
  • Tracking movements of staff and visitors within your premises
  • Controlling access to car parks, operating barriers or gates
  • Visual and audio verification of visitors (commercial or domestic)